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Three Quantity Surveyor Services Every Construction Project Should Use

by Ilkay Massink

As a contractor, you likely have a number of projects going on at once. This means you have budgets that you must maintain, schedules you must adhere to, and even some expenses that you can't take on. All of these issues can be handled by your administrative staff, but they likely are loaded down with payroll and other daily-operating issues.

Before you put even more stress on your staff, consider using a quantity surveyor based on the following services that can bring to every construction project:

Cost Planning

Before you start a project, you will likely have to place a bid on the project. This bid is set at a certain amount and states that you can get the job done for the set amount. This includes a lot of things that you may overlook, such as your employee expenses and expenses for emergency repairs or equipment. A quantity surveyor can take all of these things into account, as well as some things you may not be aware of or remember, and bring them together in a cost planning schedule that leaves you with the right bid amount for you and the potential client.

Extended Expenses

When you begin the project, the client may ask you about the possible flow of expenses for various aspects of the building. This may include long-term upkeep, maintenance, and even renovations that may be required after a certain length of time. This is part of the cost planning, but may reach into an extended expenses area of the project. Your quantity surveyor can create an expense chart based on the construction and the long-term needs of the client that will give the client an idea of how much this project will cost initially and then long-term.

Post-Completion Budgeting

Often times a client may think of the construction portion, but not the post-completion of the project. They may think of the basics, but not of the landscape or parking areas that must also be constructed to bring the project to the final steps in the process. Your quantity surveyor can handle this type of budgeting and layout a plan for you and for the client that is inclusive of the aspects the client needs for their business to being operation and move into the post-completion stage.

These are just three of the services that every construction project should use from a quantity surveyor. If you think this type of professional service would benefit your construction projects, consider contacting a local professional today for a construction analysis and price estimate. To learn more, contact a company like Just Depreciation with any questions you have.